Wrap Your Wrist in Inspiration: ENGRAVED CUFFS & BANGLES

Our solid silver Engraved Cuffs effortlessly adapt to your style. Adjustable and sleek, these cuffs are the perfect canvas for your Word of the Year or chosen mantra.

Let your wrist become a daily reminder of your aspirations, embracing the tactile connection of a solid piece of metal that's not just jewellery but a piece of your journey.


LOVE LINES: A Straight & Honest Representation Of Your Individual Journey.

As you wear your Word Of The Year Love Line necklace throughout the day, let it be a silent yet powerful reminder of your intentions.

Your engraved word becomes a source of mindfulness, an anchor that grounds you amidst the hustle. This is more than a piece of jewellery; it's your personal magic, a tangible expression of the energy you want to attract and embody.

Embrace the enchantment of wearing your intentions daily with the solid elegance of our engraved Love Line.


Share Your Word Of The Year: THE TOGETHER RING

The Together Ring is a symbol of shared aspirations and hidden connections. Crafted with precision in sterling silver, these two separate rings, when united, unveil a concealed engraving—an intimate message visible only in union.

Seamlessly designed for a perfect fit, the Together Ring beautifully signifies the notion that, together, two individuals create something greater than the sum of their parts.

Share the magic of your Word of the Year discreetly, forging a unique bond with a friend, colleague, or loved one through this elegant expression of unity.


Whether you're looking to commemorate a milestone, express your aspirations, or celebrate your unique diversity, Word of the Year jewellery provides a tangible and stylish way to carry the essence of that moment with you.


These two lucky winners will have their 'Word of 2024' engraved onto their choice of a Sterling Silver Ubercircle Necklace or Sterling Silver Narrow Expressions Cuff.

Competition closed 5pm AEST 14/01/24