Did you change your name from Uberkate?

Yes. For the last 20 years, we’ve been customising, personalising and co-creating jewellery from the finest gems; made to be loved, admired and passed down. But where did we start? With humble beginnings, of course. Girl (that’s me, Kate), meets boy (my now husband, Adam) and they (spoiler alert) fall in love. Boy encourages girl to follow her jewellery passion. And in 2003, Uberkate was born. And for almost two decades, our family has been handcrafting and designing heirlooms for U and your loved ones. In 2022, we've changed our name to UbyKate. Because everything we do comes back to U.

Yes. The House of U is located at 570 Willoughby Road, Willoughby, NSW.

Try measuring a ring you already own we use the British & Australian Sizing. We also have a ring sizing kit available too. Alternatively, the best thing to do would be to pop in to see us at The House of U or a local jewellery store and have your ring size measured professionally as just like shoes… every gal should know her rings size… because you know, just in case.

Yes you can, for an additional cost / workshop fee (excludes Ubercircles which offer free lifetime engraving). If you are looking to add a name to an existing set at a later stage, please send your piece with your contact details to PO Box 282, Willoughby, NSW 2068 and we will contact you with a quote. Please note: Freight is not included. We recommend sending your piece with a self-addressed package.

Yes you can, we regularly engrave names on the front and dates on the back, but generally these are offset to the sides. We can usually engrave both sides depending on the thickness of the piece. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us during business hours Monday to Friday on (02) 9958 5100.

Yes, you absolutely can. Some clients like to buy a piece of jewellery during their pregnancy and then send it back to us when their baby is born and they have decided on a name. Adding engraving at a later date is no charge.

UbyKate will replace chains if the chain has failed within two weeks of purchase. If a chain is snapped somewhere in the chain and not at the attachment end near the clasp (where it is designed to break when pulled excessively hard) our jewellers will review the chain before deciding whether to replace. 

Some of our bangles are made to order so please provide us your size in the comments section during ordering. One way to work out your size is to measure the diameter of an existing bangle. Another is to point your fingers and squish them together then wrap string or cord around your knuckles at the widest point. Imagine the widest point at which a bangle needs to get past. Then measure the cord on a ruler. A medium bangle is usually around 65mm.

It takes usually takes 5-15 business days to to receive your jewellery depending on if you gave it engraved or not. If it's urgent please call us on (02) 9958 5100. We'd love to help if we can.

As soon as your bling leaves our studio/ workshop, our system automatically sends you a shipping confirmation email with your Auspost tracking number. Click on the tracking number and you can access to-the-minute location information of your order.

You will receive an email when your returned item arrives into our workshop. If you would like to check the tracking of your return to us - please refer to your Australia Post Tracking number on the Australia Post Website.

As we make small batches and source gems all the time, sometimes the jewels you would like will be out of stock. Click the notification button to be notified when it’s back in stock. Due to the demand on our rings, we can’t hold or guarantee stock, but you will be one of the first to be notified via email that the item is back in stock.

As with all precious gemstones and metals - we do recommend treating your precious jewels with care when wearing. Our jewellery comes with a 12 month warranty that covers any manufacturing faults, however it does not cover any damage or loss caused by the wearer. If you damage your jewellery, please call us to discuss how we can help you and we can discuss options and any workshop fees for repairs.


Due to the sheer number of requests for photos of individual stones and sizes, we offer live virtual shopping experiences. You can place an order and request in the comments that you would like a virtual shopping session, or you can give the shop a call on (02) 9958 5100 or email us and our lovely team will contact you to arrange a time over facetime or Messenger.

Most of the time, YES we currently only work with natural raw crystal and stone that we cut into gemstones. In the case that a gemstone is a man-made gemstone, we will always let you know in the listing with our Gem Codes

Gem codes are our way of sharing with you whether the gemstone has been modified in any way. *NT = Natural Stone, *HT = Heat Treated Natural Stone, *LB = Lab Created Stone.

Whilst we design and make these rings to be worn and enjoyed everyday, all jewellery should be worn with thought and care. We do not recommend wearing the rings whilst doing laborious work or repetitive actions (i.e gym or weightlifting) as that could cause scratching. Keep away from harsh chemicals or any kind of situation where the gems are at risk of being knocked or caught. We suggest wearing them during the day and giving them a rest at night when you rest.

A crystal becomes a gemstone when care and time has been invested to cut and facet it into a gemstone! So a crystal can become a gemstone, but a crystal in its raw form will always be a crystal!

Heat treatment is most commonly used to alter the colour of a stone, but is also used to increase clarity and intensity of the colour. Heating a gemstone to a high temperature is used to either lighten, darken or alter the colour of a gem. For example our Green Amethyst started its life as a purple amethyst and our Mint Champagne also started its life as a purple amethyst. Heat treating gemstones has been used for thousands and years to enhance the beauty of a stone. Stones were often put into the fire to increase clarity before being sold in the olden days. 

When heat treating occurs the molecular structure of the stone will be affected to a small degree. The essence of nature and the natural energy of the ring is still there, but it will have been affected and changed its structure slightly.