We believe the gemstones choose YOU as much as you choose them. Allow yourself to be chosen by the gems themselves or use our guide below to help you choose the Gempower you need most in your life right now.

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A gemstone is like nature's bling-bling – a beautiful, naturally occurring mineral or rock that's been polished and cut to bring out its dazzling colours and sparkle. These little treasures aren't just pretty; they're durable and have been cherished for centuries for their beauty, symbolism, and sometimes even healing vibes. So, whether you're into rubies, opals, or just love a good sparkly rock, gemstones are like Earth's way of saying, "Check out my fancy side!"

*NT = Natural Stone

*HT = Heat Treated Natural Stone

*LB = Lab Created Stone

*NT - Natural Gemstone: Beautiful minerals formed in nature, prized for their rarity, natural inclusions (imperfections) unique beauty, and gem power properties.

*HT - Heat Treated Gemstone: Natural gems that have been enhanced through controlled heating to intensify colour and clarity.

*LB - Lab Created Gemstone: Man-made gems that clone the physical and chemical properties of natural gems, grown in controlled laboratory conditions.

This gemstone is strongly associated with truthful communication & good luck. Reduces stress, anxiety and encourages overall healing. We wear it when we are not feeling 100%.

This gemstone is strongly associated with truthful communication & good luck. Reduces stress, anxiety and encourages overall healing. We wear it when we are not feeling 100%.

This gemstone helps with concentration, focus and encourages clear thinking and improved communication. We wear it when we need to focus!

This calming and soothing gemstone has been a good luck sign since ancient times. Helps prevent fear and promotes clarity and wisdom. We wear it when we need help speaking up!

A stone of protection and strength, used to soothe, calm, and create a sense of security & confidence. It enhances intellect, concentration and perception. We wear it because who doesn’t like black with silver?

Celebration Stacker Ring - Small Tri-Cut
Celebration Stacker Ring - Small Oval
Celebration Stacker Ring - Large Emerald Cut Rectangle
Celebration Stacker Ring - Large Oval
Celebration Stacker Ring - Large Tri-Cut
Celebration Stacker Ring - Small Emerald Cut Rectangle
Original Tri-Cut Gemstone Ring - Sterling Silver / Green Amethyst
Original Tri-Cut Gemstone Ring - Sterling Silver / Watermelon Corundum
Double Duet Ring Sterling Silver - Purple & Mint Champagne Amethyst | UbyKate
Evolution Ring Azurite - Sterling Silver

Commonly used to promote personal growth and stress reduction. We wear it to remind us of where we have come from and where we are headed.

Our first foray into a synthetic lab-created stone designed to give you the freedom to choose between man-made or natural stone and this stone amplifies your own beautiful energy. ⁠

The gemstone of good luck and beauty, it is associated with royalty. Wearing it brings creativity, wisdom, infinite patience and can heal a broken heart. We wear it to celebrate our own raw and unique beauty.

Celebration Stud Earrings
Foundation Gemdrop Hoop Earrings - Large
Double Six Gemstone Earrings
Foundation Gemdrop Hoop Earrings - Medium
Foundation Gemdrops
Gempower Teardrop Hoop Earrings - Peridot
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Infinity Earrings
Ubercircle Swing Earrings Small
Uberoval Swing Earrings Small

Also known as chrysoprase, a gemstone that is said to bring good fortune and prosperity. It's been known to promote serenity, harmony and gentleness.

A calming, grounding energy that promotes clarity. We wear it to connect with our intuition.

Larimar is said to heal in a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual way. Wearing it promotes inner wisdom, peace, clarity, love and healing. We wear it because of its all round beauty and power.

Lapis lazuli is one of the most sought after stones and has been worn historically by Queens and royalty. The stone also symbolises truth and calm. We wear it to feel like Queens!

Malachite is widely used for energy healing and balancing of the Chakra and easing anxiety. We use use malachite to ease those monthly moods and cramps.

Moonstone is a symbol of feminine power and energy. Wear moonstone to increase your wisdom and stimulate your female intuition. We wear it to celebrate our feminine energy.

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Gemstone Adornment - Tri-Cut
Life Links Bracelet
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Living Bangle
Mini Disc - Bracelet

The gemstone of inspiration. Wearing opal inspires imagination and creativity and is strongly associated with emotions and feelings. We wear it to enhance our creative dreams.

Wearing peridot clears the mind and helps get your head back on track and ready to tackle anything. We wear it as a “circuit breaker” to rebalance our minds and move forward.

A nurturing stone that promotes authenticity and self love. We wear it to remind ourselves how fabulous we are.

Useful for alleviating stress and promoting focus and attention to detail. We like to wear this when we need to get the job done!

The universal gemstone, quartz is a powerful healing stone and brings mental clarity and purpose to the wearer and environment. We keep our quartz on our bedsides to work its magic whilst we are sleeping!

The “stone of friendship”, wearing rhodonite enhances forgiveness and heals the scars of the past. We wear it when we are feeling insecure in a friendship and need internal healing.

The gemstone of nobility. Wearing it connects you to love, passion, prosperity, and protection. Ruby provides fresh energy and a positive adventurous attitude to life. We wear it to add a little spark to our day/night.

The gemstone of honesty and a symbol of power and strength in the most altruistic way. It protects against negativity and deception. We wear it to protect ourselves from ourselves when negativity comes to town.

A calming and grounding gemstone, it removes negativity and brings the wearer new ways of thinking - great to wear for those in the business world. We wear it to keep ourselves calm and grounded.

Sunstone is good for inducing emotional and spiritual warmth. We wear it to promote joy and other positive feelings. 

The stone of truth. Used to remove emotional blockages and bring you joy and happiness. We wear it because it is drop-dead stunning and brings us joy!

Turquoise protects the wearer, energises, and brings clarity to life. Loved and worn by men and women of ALL ages. We wear it to embrace our inner boho babe.

Zircon evokes calm for the wearer and boosts creativity & self-confidence. A great stone to be worn by those in creative professions. We love to wear it to kick our creativity into overdrive.