Personalised Bangles + Cuffs

Personalised Bangles + Cuffs

Beautiful Personalised Bangles and Cuffs.

Layer up your Bangles with Gemstone Adornments. Personalise with 'Your Script' and create timeless family heirlooms.

Fingerprint Expression Cuff Wide
Vintage Bangle

Vintage Bangle

$240 $192
Mini Disc - Bracelet
Gemstone Bangle Adornment - Tri-Cut
Expression Cuff Narrow
Expression Cuff Wide
Expression Cuff Medium
Gemstone Adornment - Emerald Cut
Gemstone Adornment - Oval Cut
Uberoval Friendship Bangle
Women's Bangle - Sterling Silver
Expression Cuff For Men
The Friendship Bangle
The Generational Bangle - Silver
Men's Living Cuff Medium
Open Living T Bar Cuff / Bangle Sterling Silver
Silver Friendship Bangle With Gold Disc
Mini Disc - Bracelet Double Disc
Ruby Rose Children's Bangle
The Friendship Bangle Gold With Two Gold Discs
Living Friendship Bangle
The Family Connection 3 Bangles
The Family Connection 2 Bangles
The Friendship Bangle Gold With Gold Disc
Gemstone Bangle Adornment - Emerald Cut Midnight Sunstone
Gemstone Bangle Adornment - Oval Cut - Midnight Sunstone