Diamond Matchmaker Service

What is The Diamond Matchmaker Service?

Simple...we match you with your perfect diamond either virtually or in-store. No matter where you are in the world we can create the connection!

Diamonds for:

  • engagement
  • wedding
  • 21st birthdays
  • 50th birthdays
  • anniversaries
  • baby births

You don’t need to dig deep for your perfect diamond. Fall in love with your perfect diamond with our match matching service. Diamonds are incredibly beautiful, incredibly durable and a lifelong (generational) investment. From that first pair of tiny stud earrings to your first ring, diamonds hold mystique and memories.

With the ever changing landscape in the global diamond industry we have quietly sat back and crafted one off diamond rings, earrings and pendants for nearly 20 years. We’ve engaged with miners, sellers and global networks to source conflict free diamonds for our pieces and worked one on one creating engagement rings, stud earrings and tennis bracelets directly with our clients.

Our stance on diamonds is there is a diamond for everyone. Buy your own damn diamond!

Diamond Choices

The choices in diamonds is growing and we have access to ALL of them. Natural, lab-created, coloured and even our own signature tri-cut. What's that? Read on...

Just to get you super excited.. we have just connected with an amazing high-quality lab created from diamond-seed supplier and CUT our own tri/ cut design into diamonds.. the results are both unique and spectacular!!

If you are looking for a truly unique one-off diamond for your perfect piece, our signature Tri-Cut gemstone is it.

One-on-one consultation

Let us be your personal diamond match-maker. We'd be happy to introduce you to your new best friend (after all diamonds are a girls best friend!) Get in contact with us today to connect you with your perfect diamonds.

Call us (02) 9958 5100 or email admin@ubykate.com 

Kate and the Ubykate diamond match makers xxx

      A Taste Of Our Diamond Studded Line Up

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      U-Natural Diamond Stud Earrings (0.5 total Carat weight)
      U-Created Diamond Stud Earrings (One Carat total weight per pair)
      U-Created Diamond Pendant (0.5 Carat)
      Fine Gold wedder with Rose Cut Diamond