About Us

Our Story

Our business is a love story in itself

For the last 20 years, we’ve been customising, personalising and co-creating jewellery from the finest gems; made to be loved, admired and passed down.

But where did we start? With humble beginnings, of course.

Girl (that’s me, Kate), meets boy (my now husband, Adam) and they (spoiler alert) fall in love. 

Boy encourages girl to follow her jewellery passion. And in 2003, Uberkate was born. 

And for almost two decades, our family has been handcrafting and designing heirlooms for U and your loved ones.

Because at UbyKate, we don’t believe in waiting.

We believe in doing, in trying, in knowing what U want (in style and in life) and going after it. So in 2022, we changed our name to UbyKate. Because everything we do comes back to U.

For us, heirlooms are not just about jewels. They are about the wisdom, the stories, and values that are passed along with them. A shimmering reminder of who came before you, and a celebration of who is to come after you.

So #BuyYourOwnDamnRing and commit to feeling beautiful, bold and brilliant every single day. Then pass it on - for years to come.

Welcome to UbyKate. We’ve got a feeling we'll be with you for a while.