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Our Story

Our business is a love story in itself

Once upon a time a girl named Kate crossed paths with a boy named Adam. Little did they know that their love story would intertwine with their shared passion for jewellery, shaping the destiny of generations to come.

In 2003, fuelled by her love for crafting beautiful jewellery, Kate, with the unwavering support of Adam, embarked on a journey that would give birth to Uberkate. Their venture wasn't just about creating jewellery; it was about turning precious gems into timeless pieces of art, designed to be cherished, admired, and eventually passed down through generations.

Over the next two decades, Kate and Adam, along with their dedicated team, poured their hearts and souls into customising, personalising, and co-creating exquisite jewellery for their clients and their loved ones. Their creations became more than mere accessories; they were heirlooms, carrying stories and memories, waiting to be embraced by new generations.

In the year 2023, a new chapter unfolded for their family business. Their beloved daughter, Lulu, wholeheartedly embraced her heritage, stepping into the world of jewellery design. With her arrival, the legacy of craftsmanship and creativity entered its third generation, as Lulu started designing and bringing fresh energy and ideas into the family business.

To mark this significant milestone and to reflect their dedication to their clients, the business underwent a transformation. A new name emerged, U-by-Kate, symbolising the essence of their craft — everything they did revolved around "U," the cherished individuals who wore their creations. The name change wasn't just a rebranding; it was a declaration of their commitment to their clients, encapsulating the heart and soul they put into every piece of jewellery they crafted.

And so, the UbyKate legacy continued, a saga of love, passion, and artistry, woven into every gem, waiting to be discovered, loved, and treasured by generations yet to come.