Making Memories

July 10 2015 – Team Uberkate

Making Memories
Making Memories

July 10, 2015

When life is busy we can far too often let the moments we cherish pass us by.

I have made a promise to myself and my children to find a moment in every day that makes me truly happy.

Whether it’s a walk in the bush to reconnect to nature, finding a chip in a packet that is shaped like a heart or turning your mobile phone off for 1 hour of peace per day, those moments look different to everyone.

If I am honest, school holidays are a time that I both love and struggle with.

I love having no routine and waking up to my kids and not having to rush out the door and pack school lunches and find a clean white shirt for one and a sock for the other!

I try and take at least a few hours off each day and do something with the kids and these school holidays my little guy and I discovered puzzles together.

This little man child of mine is very energetic and never stops talking and asking questions.

Together we bought a $2 dollar 500 piece puzzle from an op shop and every day this week we have worked on it for an hour or so together.

I must admit I have never been a puzzle person, but when you are looking for ways to focus an 8 year old’s boundless energy for life, you will pretty much give anything a go once!

This morning he woke me up and he had the final piece of the puzzle in his hot little hand.

He didn’t put it in himself, instead he rushed to tell me.

He respected the fact that we had worked on it together and he wanted us to put the final piece in together.

It’s a memory I will cherish forever and a moment that we created together because I promised to give myself more time to experience the moments that happen every day.

I hope you are loving your school holidays and making your own memories.

xx Kate

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