Perfectly Imperfect

July 14 2015 – Team Uberkate

Perfectly Imperfect
Perfectly Imperfect

Sometimes in life the mistakes we make are the things that turn into our greatest assets.

8 years ago at our busiest time of the year I took a leap of faith and employed someone to work with me and help me make my signature Ubercircles.

I had taken orders for 200 of them to be delivered the week before Christmas and I was stressed but happy at the same time.

I was excited yet anxious when the circles I had commissioned to be made arrived. With my hammer and tools at the ready to personalise them all I opened the box… HORROR!!

Every single one of the circles was wrong. Not just a little bit wrong but massively WRONG.

I hit the emergency button and roped my Dad, my hubby and another silversmith friend of mine to come and work around the clock for four days and nights straight to help me remake the stock.

It felt like a complete disaster and the cost of remaking the circles very nearly ended the Uberkate Dream. We made no money that year and now I had a box of 200 unusable pieces taunting me.

I do however recall vowing to myself, that one day I would turn those circles into something truly AMAZING.

And so the seed that would become the Infinity Pendants was planted.

Those first couple of years the pendants looked twisty and lame and then by about the 3rd year I became really good at hand making and hand twisting them…

We finally launched the pendant and they became one of our best sellers. It seems that so many of us relate to this beautiful symbol and it’s meaning.

Recently I had a brain wave to make them in different sizes so they would nestle like a family against each other and I’m so proud to say that the response from everyone… all of YOU… has meant that we have now included them permanently into our range.

If you focus on a mistake long enough and want badly enough to turn it into a positive it CAN be done.

So my infinity pendants stand for infinite love and the infinite flow of people around the single piece of metal. But they also stand as testament to turning something around, a mistake that became one of my best designs ever.

I hope you love wearing them and to quote Buzz Light year, “to infinity and beyond”.

xx Kate