For The Love of Gold

July 17 2015 – Team Uberkate

For The Love of Gold
For The Love of Gold

July 17, 2015

Let it be known that I love gold.

Of course I do – I am a jeweller, but it is more than that.

I love the gleam in the metal, the flexibility at its heart and its core. I love its colour, its sentiment (you are GOLD to me) and I love that it’s precious and respected and cherished.

I LOVE WHITE GOLD, YELLOW GOLD, ROSE GOLD, and whilst you would think as a jewellery designer that I have a million pieces in gold, the truth is that I saved up for those pieces like just anyone else would have to.

Gold is by nature expensive, but those pieces are meaningful and they are the pieces that I meticulously care for, clean and protect.

I started working with gold nearly 13 years ago and recently I had a gorgeous client return one of the first sets of gold I ever made to have her much cherished baby son added to the circles and bangles.

This beautiful woman trusted me to make her gold circles and bespoke bangles way back when I was virtually an unknown in the jewellery world with no body of work behind me to inspire the confidence we all need when making one of life’s “major purchases”. (and for that faith in me I thank you Fi xx)

Fi’s circles and bangles look as stunning today as they did when I first made them. That is quality, that is craftsmanship, that is gold and that is investment jewellery..

I also love stones as you can see in some of these bespoke pieces I often make but I will share my passion for STONES during another post!!

Are you a gold or silver kind of gal?

Did you know that we can make every Uberkate piece in Gold as well as silver?