Designing My life

July 31 2015 – Team Uberkate

Designing My life
Designing My life

July 31, 2015

Just like moving homes, moving into a new work space also allows you the opportunity to “redesign your life” so to speak.

I am a manic mover in that I like to change things around my home every week. It drives poor Mr Uber up the wall and he finds it rather disconcerting (to say the least) to come home and see that everything has been changed… yet again.

I on the other hand find inspiration in creating vignettes in my home and my office and it actually helps to fuels my creative fire.

Our new warehouse at Brookvale on Sydney’s Northern Beaches is HUGE!

It has many different zones and areas in it and I am ALLOWED to move things around whenever I want. Winning!

I am completely obsessed with GOLD at the moment ( if you hadn’t already noticed on instagram) and so I wanted to use my love of gold as the jumping off point when it came to designing my new office space.

I trawled shop after shop, supplier after supplier and many a second hand store searching for inspiration and then I found this rug… This gold embossed yuminess!

Oh how I love that rug and you have to believe me when I tell you that it took everything I had to not keep it at home just so I could look at it every day and night.

My words to describe my new office space within the warehouse are organic/ natural/ tactile/ gold/ leather/ layered and I feel truly inspired sitting at my desk surrounded by things I love.

One of my oldest friends gave me those photos she took on a trip to Cuba as a wedding present. 12 years later and they continue to inspire me every day. as does my gold painted horns and the lamp bases I transformed from a boring beige to.. you guessed it.. GOLD!!

We officially open our new Uberkate studio this weekend so if you are in the area do come and say hello and visit our new space.

We are open from 10am – 4pm and you can find us at 17 Carter Rd Brookvale.