Family Connection Bangle Fiasco!

June 08 2015 โ€“ Team Uberkate

Family Connection Bangle Fiasco!
Family Connection Bangle Fiasco!

June 8, 2015

We get the most incredible emails daily in our studio, which include clients sharing breathtakingly romantic stories of snorkelling in the barrier reef and swimming up to an Uberkate necklace their partner has planted on some coral as an anniversary gift.

We love your stories and we also love sharing them with the wider UberCommunity.

Last week I received an email from a gorgeous Uberwoman who has many pieces of Uberkate in her collection, this time though โ€“ her email was to explain that suddenly she had one too many Uberkate pieces in her collection.

Her divine husband had just surprised her with the exact same set of Family Connection bangles that he had purchased for her over three years ago!

Well at least he knew he was giving her something he knew she would love!

It left us with a conundrum in the studio.

Our bangles are all custom made and canโ€™t be reused, so how could we make it up to the lovely Jennifer?

In this case we decided to offer her a credit note for her bangles and to share this gorgeousness with you all.

This is what Jennifer chose to add to her Ubercollection โ€“ A solid yellow gold Infinity pendant, a beautiful addition to her Uberkate collection!

Jenniferโ€™s letter;

"Hi Uberkate,

I am over the moon โ€“ your customer service is exceptional and second to none!

Of course, I would allow you to do a blog about this. I have attached some photos below, Please let me know if you need anymore?

To date, my husband has bought me 2 bangles, 1 Uberkate necklace and I have bought him the cufflinks. I have also purchased the necklace for my sister on her wedding day and one for my sister in law for her 50th birthday.

Since wearing my necklace, I have 3 friends who have all purchased sets as well as another sister, Yvonne whose children purchased it for her 50th birthday last year. It seems to be the gift that just keeps on giving!

Thank you so much again and I cannot sing your praises enough!

Kind regards


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