Welcome to Crazy Town

October 07 2013 – Team Uberkate

Welcome to Crazy Town
Welcome to Crazy Town

October 7, 2013

These past two weeks I have been living life in crazy town.

For many school holidays alone with the constant nagging for food is enough to get you a ticket to crazy town. In my case, a whole list of things – otherwise referred to as a cluster bomb, pretty much guaranteed me a one way ticket to crazy town with bonus upgrades AND added extras like greying hair and stress lines to boot.

Want to have a look at my cluster bomb … just in case you weren’t feeling stressed enough for yourself?

  • One child very generously contracted the chicken pox the week before the holidays started.
  • Not to be outdone by a sibling, on the first day of school holidays the other child came down with an almighty case of the pox.
  • We had organised to go to a friend’s beach house to stay while the top level of our house was painted and carpeted.. only my friend’s children haven’t yet visited pox land for themselves, so the that plan was scrapped and instead we were shipped off to my parent’s house to spend a pox filled week.
  • As a grown woman I have come to the conclusion that I should never ever live with my mother. I love her dearly but she owns the one and only remote control that controls my temper. Yes you heard correctly, my temper. As I write this I can I hear what my friends will say when they read this “What temper you don’t have one”… … but trust me on this, when I live with my mum I sure as hell do.
  • Dust, hayfever and asthma for everyone… in that order

The savior of my week was my dear friend Mrs Woog, who heroically popped over and cooked her famous “pantry pasta” to ensure we were all nourished. I tell you – This woman knows how to work the bottom of your crisper and turn any forgotten tins of good stuff into a lip smacking baked pasta dish that had our fussiest kids going back for seconds.

Mrs Woog was suitably rewarded with some porn time on the couch with our Dog Bunny.. or DB for short.

And then among all of this chaos that was our week, there was the renos.

I have included before photos as after 2 and half years of working on this house this final stage will see the long awaited completion.

Mr Uber, you are such an incredible human being who has worked tirelessly to create a beautiful home for us. And I love it that when I came to the conclusion that I simply COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT Ralph Lauren wall paper in our bedroom, and even after I told you THE PRICE, you said “if you look at it everyday the cost per day will be worth it in the long run.

Are they not the sexiest words a man can say

Anyway, I can’t wait to show you the after shots next week but until then here’s how we are looking at the moment.

See you in crazy town,

Kate x