Little Pots Of Weirdness – Otherwise Known as Succulents

January 17 2014 – Team Uberkate

Little Pots Of Weirdness – Otherwise Known as Succulents
Little Pots Of Weirdness – Otherwise Known as Succulents

January 17, 2014

As you have or will come to know about me – I am passionate about many things in this life and I’m inspired by nature and continually amazed by so many things things around me.

When it comes to ‘crazy beautiful’ in the plant kingdom, there is no doubt the succulent and orchid families win hands down for me.

When I was a kid I can recall my Grandmother growing all kinds of succulents in many crappy plastic pots on plant stands in her backyard. She grew roses too, but they held no interest for me, as it was the succulents that had me intrigued.

Yep, it was the weird, twisty, multi-coloured succulents that every now and then threw out insane looking flowers that didn’t even look like they belonged to the plant, that caught my eye.

Since having a home of my own I have been cultivating my own little pots of weirdness and they are now at the stage where people have started asking me for cuttings of the ones that have caught their eye so that they too can have their very own little pots of weirdness.

There is one particular plant that I take cuttings off and now at least half of my immediate family have their very own little pot of this awesome weirdness that has found a place within in their heart and home.

There is a motto in all of this … somewhere… and I am guessing it is ‘Don’t be afraid to embrace the weird‘. These little plants will reward you when you least expect it with some spectacular form of a flower and besides they are hard to kill which has to be a plus in anyone’s book.

Have you embraced the weird?

I have a whole board full of Succulent love over on Pinterest including tips on how to grow them.

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