To The Sisterhood

March 28 2016 – Team Uberkate

To The Sisterhood
To The Sisterhood

March 28, 2016

I think we are all “sisters” as women. Though we may not be genetically related to each other, I believe that there is a bond between women of all backgrounds, races and genetic pools that is almost on a molecular level.

I am a “big sister” to Yasmine from Yassie Au. Yasmine is a 19 year old jewellery designer from Western Sydney and she is articulate and has hopes and dreams and I am lucky enough to get to play a part in building some of those dreams with her.

We are currently working together on a collaborative necklace design that will be sold under the Global Sisters banner. Global sisters is an organization I am totally passionate about.

I’m both a board member and an Ambassador and I have the privilege of working with other “change makers” to support/ mentor and teach disadvantaged women the art of running starting and scaling small businesses from their own homes, small businesses that will change their lives and the lives of generations of their families that are not even born yet.

It’s an important role by my standards… one that keeps me awake at night thinking about what more I can add to the cause as both a human and as a female.

Sitting here around this table with Yassie making necklaces together reminds me of the millions of women before us who have sat together creating and chatting and discussing our hopes and dreams and then making them come true together.

I handmade this Sister Pendant and we cast it in bronze so we can use our Global Sisters logo in many different ways.

The Sister Pendants are a symbol of our unity as women.

They are raw around the edges like us, they stand tall like us and they have open arms like us.

I can’t wait for the launch of the Global Sisters website later this year. These necklaces will be featured on it, and you will be able to support Yassies’ journey further by buying one of her necklaces.

In the meantime you can follow her journey on Facebook here and on Instagram here.

Here’s to all the sisters out there…