March 16 2016 – Team Uberkate


March 16, 2016

I am;

GRATEFUL that I get to travel globally for my job.

GRATEFUL that I have a family to miss when I am away.

GRATEFUL that I can experience the world through different eyes every time I travel.

GRATEFUL that no two visits to any country are even remotely the same.

GRATEFUL for growth.. Growth as a human, friend, mother, lover, is my goal for life.

Just keep growing…

I felt really emotional during my recent work trip to Honkers (the inner poet in me even made an appearance!)

And whilst I was well out of my comfort zone with no Mr Uber to bring the fun along, I was growing.

When you step away from your support network, your family, your kids, your friends, the people you speak to most days you get to hover over your life and look down into it rather than rushing through it.

A simple work trip to buy hand cut stones for new designs gave me the time to think and reflect on my life and to remember to enjoy the amazing things that happen every day and to actually notice them.. (rather than running through them which is often what I do)

The days are long, but the years are short.. (someone very wise once said this and it wasn’t me!)

I hope you enjoyed my spoils from Hong Kong in last weekend’s Secret Closet Sale.

xx #ubergratefulkate