Eat The Cake

April 01 2016 – Team Uberkate

Eat The Cake
Eat The Cake

Being pregnant is such a wonderful time, but for many women, it’s also a time where insecurity raises it’s head.

I think that all women should celebrate the pregnant form and love the extra “squish” we get when we are growing humans.

In a world that is obsessed with size and loosing the pregnancy weight the fastest I would like to say to every women who is pregnant or just had a baby – “love your incredible body for what it’s created/ creating and give yourself permission to be how/ whatever size you need to be to make healthy babies”.

I personally ballooned during both my pregnancies.

I gave myself permission to eat the extra piece of cake (actually that would be the whole cake!) and while there were many extra kilos to lose after each baby was born, it was not my focus.

My focus was feeding and getting to know the little person who had arrived in my life.

This mothers day give yourself permission to do/ be/ eat/ drink whatever you want.

Love yourself for the amazing things you can do, and…


Go on, and enjoy it too!

Thankyou to the gorgeous and divinely pregnant @thevista for her recent photoshoot with us, and to At Dusk Photography for taking these stunning images.

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