The Campaign Shoot for Fly By Uberkate

October 21 2016 – Team Uberkate

The Campaign Shoot for Fly By Uberkate
The Campaign Shoot for Fly By Uberkate

Creating our new Fly By Uberkate range with my teenage daughter Lulu was both an inspiring and insightful experience for me as a designer.

I was able to see inside the brains of teenagers and co-create something for them they wanted to wear.

We shot our first campaign for the range with Lulu and her bestie Heidi as our Fly girls.. and after we shot and launched their style my creative brain went into overload... I wanted to find our next “Fly Girls”.

As per usual, I went down the rabbit hole via social media and stumbled across @maddilambert @caseyaburgess and @viewsofnow, three very different, very unique young women.

Maddi Lambert - A 16 year old travelling the globe and living a luxe life.

Isabella Wight - a 19 year old Melbourne Gal who is both quirky and sassy at the same time.

And Casey Burgess - a singer, actor former high 5 member who is both fresh and totally focused on her career.

We started brainstorming our shoot and the idea of how and where could we shoot the girls “flying hard” “flying fast” and “flying free”.

A lightbulb moment happened when I remembered the circus school / acrobatics gym two good friends run in Sydney @_umbilico_ and I had images of the girls flying through the air and trapezes and swinging from ropes.

Don't worry - the girls had an amazing safety instructor to guide them through the poses.

The day of the shoot dawned with great nerves of excitement. I was so happy to be working with @MacdougallPhotography again. We were so lucky to have the divine @sandraglmakeup on hair and make up too!

We have all created magic together in the past and this is truly my A team, along with a special mention to my beautiful Uncle also added to our shoot with his incredible lighting and wind machine skills.

Doing a campaign shoot is a big deal for any small business. Often many of the roles are outsourced to friends and it’s a nervous day that culminates in a lot of expense... I am however so fortunate to say that this never crosses my mind when working with this crew.

Here's a peek at some of the gorgeous shots from the shoot of our three #Flygirls, and the designs we chose to represent their personalities and have them as the face of.

I’m so proud to be launching Fly by Uberkate with them...

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