The Everyday Cocktail Ring... In GOLD

October 14 2016 – Team Uberkate

The Everyday Cocktail Ring... In GOLD
The Everyday Cocktail Ring... In GOLD
From the minute we cut our Lapis Lazuli to fit our NEW Everyday Cocktail ring design, and the gold within the stone was released (naturally occurring in the Royal Lapis Lazuli Stone), I knew I wanted to set this stone in solid yellow gold.
To really accentuate the gold in the stone we have chosen to use 14ct gold due to it's brighter appearance compared to 9ct. In Australia we tend to use mainly 9ct which has a gold purity of 37.5%, but we have pumped up the volume for colour by using 14ct which is 58.5% gold purity)
Here she is... she's a ripper and we are taking pre orders for 4 week delivery now.
And… we can also custom make a 14ct Gold Everyday Cocktail Ring in either, Larimar, Rose Quartz, Green Amethyst, Pink Opal and of course Lapis Lazuli...
Lapis Lazuli is an ancient gem.. Egyptians once hand carved small scarab beetles from the stone and buried them for protection with their dead. The stone has held more reverence through history than gold in the Egyptian culture.
Wearing a Lapis Ring can help you to be more open and connect with your "INNER QUEEN".
Some interesting information about the Lapis Lazuli Stone.. according to Wikepedia the stone was used as for the EYEBROWS among other features, on the funeral mask of Tutankhamun.
Lapis Lazuli is the 9th Anniversary gemstone, so if your 9th anniversary is coming up you totally DESERVE A COCKTAIL RING! Why not use our Hubby Hint to give your partner the head's up.