INTRODUCING Fly By Uberkate - Ubercircles Fine

October 28 2016 – Team Uberkate

INTRODUCING Fly By Uberkate - Ubercircles Fine
INTRODUCING Fly By Uberkate - Ubercircles Fine

SO, I have been making our signature Ubercircles design for over 14 years and they have become a little part of my soul those circles.

We handcraft each one with love and they become a part of the fabric of each families life. Children learn how to spell their names from the engraving and they kiss their mums through the circles good night.

You have given your daughters the circles you had engraved when they were born as an heirloom gift on their 18th birthdays - these are just some of the beautiful stories that you have shared with us about your Ubercircles.

When I started working on my first collaboration with my 14 year old daughter this year, we decided to "re-design the Ubercircles.

We didn't want to take anything away from the original design, but we did want to create a 'petite' version for the next generation of Uberkate devotees... (i.e. my daughter!)

We played around with different sizes and widths of metal and created a number of samples before agreeing on a design in which the circles are concentric, engrave-able and can be added to with additional circles onto our Fly thread β„’ chain.

Introducing the Ubercircles Fine

The Ubercircles Fine are half flat half round like our signature Ubercircles. You can hang one of our symbols from our Fly range in the MIDDLE of the medium or large size and just like the signature Ubercircles, the Ubercircles Fine are a collection that can be added to on birthdays and milestones and to celebrate special moments in time.

These Ubercircles FINE are for Lulu and for all the women and girls who love finer jewellery.

Have fun dreaming up your look..

Kate & Lulu

View the Ubercircles Fine and the complete range of Fly By Uberkate symbols here. We have a special offer on the silver Ubercircle Fine set that is valid until 06/11/16 or whilst stocks last.