Packing For Short Inspiration Trips

March 05 2017 – Kate Sutton

Packing For Short Inspiration Trips
Packing For Short Inspiration Trips

Packing for short inspo trips is always a challenge, albeit one that I love and so I thought I would share a few tips I have picked up over the years.

I know it sounds really obvious, but check the weather forecast before you start packing! Last year in Hong Kong I froze because I didn't pack a coat. Of course this meant that I was forced to buy one so... boo hoo #notsorry.

For a five day trip I suggest packing three outfits that can be added to that will carry you through from day to night.

1. Hang three full outfits for day on a railing or window sill.

2. Add one pair of heals and one pair of boots that can be worn with all three outfits.

3. Pack leather or leatherette leggings.

4. Pack an exercise outfit (going to the gym is a really great way of helping you sleep better and also helps with the Jet Lag for those long haul trips)

5. Accessories, accessories, accessories! A great necklace and a few cuffs can instantly lift a daytime outfit to night time style.

6. Keep half your bag empty... you will always find things to accidentally fill it with!

7. Leave out the outfit you will wear on to travel in and take into consideration how cold flights get. Hong Kong is a max of 21degrees at this time of year so I am carrying my largest item - my fav Sass and Bide trench - onboard with me as it can also double as a blanket on the flight if needed.

8. Carry in your bag a wrap (Cashmere is my fav) or a cardigan in warm wool or cashmere in case you need it onboard or after you land.

9. Pack a good book! This is the perfect time to get stuck into some reading.