Just Do THE Thing

February 23 2017 – Kate Sutton

Just Do THE Thing
Just Do THE Thing

I first had my ears pierced at 29 years of age after I had been making earrings for 10 years. A couple of girl friends pointed out that making and designing earrings might be easier if I actually had my own ears pierced!

At the time I remember thinking how much I would like to get a second piercing in each ear next to the first one... just a small little diamond stud, nothing too crazy. But I didn't have the guts to do it at the time.

Ever since then, I have secretly hankered for that second piercing for a very long time.

A few weeks ago I mentioned to my 14 year old daughter that I had always wanted a very small stud piercing in my ear beside the first one. She gushed and begged for us to go together as she desperately wanted it too!

I went all mum on her and suggested that she was too young and that perhaps we could revisit it for her in a few years time.

The idea of me doing it started to bubble again and the very next day I found myself outside a shop that did piercings (because clearly my subconscious took me there!)

I walked in, kind of sort of accidentally found the exact stud earrings I had always envisaged and before I knew it I was sitting in the chair having dots drawn on my ears.

To say I felt naughty and rebellious is such an understatement!

Two seconds of pain and I had full filled a desire that had been chipping away at me for more than 10 years.

WHY didn't I do it when I was 29?

I think I probably lacked the confidence to express myself in the ways that I truly liked and I was definitely more of a conformist back then.

Unbeknown to anyone, I went home and carried on with my life. I went to work at the studio and seven days after I got my second piercing... SEVEN DAYS... my daughter noticed it at the dinner table and nearly chocked on her food when she realised that they were real!

I had "done the thing" and whilst she very nearly cried because I had done it without her, I also saw admiration in her eyes.

The interesting thing about this story is that no one noticed for a week that I had "done the thing" that one thing that I had been waiting 10 years to do and the reason they didn't notice is because, it's really not actually that big a deal and it's not even very noticeable... except to me.

The moral of my story lovelies... is to get out there and "do your thing".

Do it for you. Do it because it feels amazing.

Whatever your thing is, ... just do it and make it happen because life after all - is for living.

K x

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