Everything is gold...

February 19 2017 โ€“ Kate Sutton

Everything is gold...
Everything is gold...

I love listening to what you all ask for on our Social media.

I love that you are confident and your give our studio feedback so that we can design better and make better jewellery... for you.

Our little sister to Uberkate - Fly By Uberkate, is especially close to my heart as itโ€™s the first line co-designed with my 14 year old daughter Lulu.

Itโ€™s a line we created together for the cool cats, but it turns out itโ€™s not just for the young ones... it's for all of us and you guys have been asking for us to make our signature thread chains in gold.

Well guess what?

We did!

The unique thing about these chains is that there is a tiny ingenious screw thread that opens and closes to let you add pendants to the chains. They work like a normal chain most of the time unless you need to open the screw to add a new symbol.

Over the last few months we have noticed that lots of you are ordering these chains to add pendants that you already own that have fallen victim to a broken chain! (not our chains of course!)

You wanted the chain in Yellow Gold plating too, and so here it is.

To celebrate, here's a little flash back to our Fly by Uberkate shoot with three of the coolest chicks on Instagram - @caseyburgess @madilambert @viewsofnow

Oh and Iโ€™m getting in the act too... but no close ups OK!!!

K xx

Designed by dreamers looking for new and innovative ways to wear jewellery.
A fine necklace or bracelet chain and an ever growing range of symbols to represent precious memories, stages and milestones in life. Available in Sterling silver and Gold plated Sterling Silver.
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