Mindfully Made - Our Commitment to Tread Lightly

February 19 2020 – kate sutton

Mindfully Made - Our Commitment to Tread Lightly
Mindfully Made - Our Commitment to Tread Lightly

Mindfully Made Jewellery

When it comes to things that are important to us in our daily process of making jewellery - respect for our precious planet is right up there, as we know it is for you too.

Our Mindfully made ethos means we have made it a priority to take a considered approach to the crafting and curation of our gemstone jewellery - treading lightly and consciously in our use of natural gemstone.

Our intention is to use our parcel of stone as efficiently as we can to leave the lightest footprint possible. We cut larger pieces from our batch of stone for our gemstone rings and pendants and then we cut medium and small to use in our stacker rings and earrings. We do this out of respect for these precious gifts from the earth.

We hand craft small batch collections to leave a minimal footprint with a considered approach.

Unlike mass producing a product, small batch production means that at times - there may be a wait for your favourite gemstone to be back in stock, but it also means that a ton of love, care and positivity is given to every . single . piece of jewellery we make.⁣⠀

It takes our master gemcutters hours to cut and polish a single gemstone... it is a slow and methodical process to produce a few hundred rings from a parcel of stone, but I wouldn't want to do it any other way.⁣⠀

I know it can be a little frustrating when you go to order your favourite ring and we have temporarily sold out of your size, but we have a fabulous alert system on our website for you. πŸ‘πŸΌβ£β €

If we are out of stock of what you are after, head to the product on our website and hit the 'Notify Me' button on the size or variant you want and you will be sent an email AS SOON AS new stock is loaded.⁣⠀

With much love,

xx Kate

Take a moment to browse our website to see our full range of Gemstone Rings, Gemstone Necklaces, Gemstone Bangles & Adornments and Gemstone Earrings and know that by purchasing Mindfully Made Jewellery - U too are making a difference to our planet.

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