DUET By U - #DesignYourOwnDamnRing
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DUET By U - #DesignYourOwnDamnRing

31 Jan, 2020

Duet By U Gemstone Rings

We really aren't exaggerating when we tell you that WE are all about U!!

Designing new ranges and collections is one of the most incredible parts of my “job” as Creative Director of Uberkate. I can’t always anticipate when the inspiration will hit, but when it does, and an idea starts to grow and bubble away, I feel a sense of being uplifted and “in the flow” and that idea starts a journey that doesn't always ends where I originally anticipated.

When I’m designing new pieces for U, I always think about what will add to your lives and not just about creating something new. I think intensely about what it is U have been asking for on our socials and what is it that U need and want in your jewellery box.

Sometimes an idea can take up to 12 months to design, to tweak, and to source the exact right stones needed to make a piece that is special enough to sit on your fingers.

Our newest design has been more than 12 months in the making and during that time we have teased you and you in return have been SO PATIENT as we’ve brought it to life.

Our new ring DUET BY U is the culmination of your desire to choose your own gempower, to mix and match gemstones so that you can SEE what a ring could possibly look like, before you buy it. (thanks for the awesome tech build Mr Uberkate!)

We’ve delved back into a more traditional shape of gemstone with this range, (with our own signature twist of course) and I’ve designed a CREATE YOUR OWN ring where U are the DESIGNER and U can #DesignYourOwnDamnRing.

DUET BY U.. is all about U and what U want to wear on your finger.

Have fun designing!

Kate xx

Duet By U Gemstone Rings

Duet By U Gemstone Rings