Tapping Into Gempowers - Amethyst

March 30 2020 – kate sutton

Tapping Into Gempowers - Amethyst
Tapping Into Gempowers - Amethyst

So, I think it is fair to say that we are all feeling a little helpless with this growing fear of the virus and it’s implications becoming a part of our everyday lives.

It got me to thinking about what we can do as individuals and the small things we can do to protect ourselves. Of course there are the expected things, eating well, getting plenty of sleep, and washing our hands regularly in line with the recommended guidelines.

We can also wear our GEMPOWERS to help alleviate stress, sleep better, fend off colds and bring warmth and joy into our lives too.

For thousands of years and more, humans have been tapping into the natural metaphysical properties of gemstones for healing.

Whilst I have a deep appreciation and respect for the powers of these beautiful stones from the earth... I am not going to profess to know everything about them. I do however have some beautiful healers within my circle who I have turned to for information and guidance, and here is a little rundown from them about some of the different GEMPOWERS in some of our favourite gemstones, and what they can do for you whilst you are wearing them.

Please note: I am not a doctor, I have never been a doctor, and I don’t profess to have any kind of Dr Powers. I am merely an earthling who has a deep love and respect for natural gemstones. I have seen and heard and been part of so many beautiful stories that make me believe that wearing them can bring healing.

As I also mentioned, I have a wonderful group of crystal healers who are often advising me on what the powers of our gemstones are.

You believe what you believe.

Wearing gemstones will not stop you from getting Coronavirus, but they will make you feel good and you will look very fancy too. Bonus!

We have a guide below on some of the powers of our gemstones, but I also want to focus on the individual gemstones... that said, given it's too much for one blog post, I want to turn our focus to beautiful Amethyst to start with.


Amethyst is known as one of the master healing gemstones.

It's great to wear for people with asthma, pmt, and it can also help with addictions. It truly is a wonderfully powerful crystal!

My crystal healer friends also tell me it’s great to wear when you are stressed or anxious it will calm you down and help you get a good nights sleep. (I think we could all do with some of that right now).

Wearing amethyst also balances out emotional highs and lows.

We have a number of Amethyst pieces in our current collection (and there are more to come) Purple Amethyst, Green Amethyst & Champagne Mint Amethyst.

All of our amethyst gemstones started out as Purple Amethyst and our Green and Mint Amethyst have been heat treated to achieve these colours - a process that is commonly used to enhance the natural colour and beauty of a gemstone.

Love and light to you beautiful people... keep your sense of humour and be kind.

xx Kate