Island Gratitude

September 20 2015 – Team Uberkate

Island Gratitude
Island Gratitude

September 20, 2015

After a particularly full on year in business, Mr Uber and I realised that if we didn’t take ourselves away from the everyday stuff for a little while – we would never get a chance for a break or an opportunity to recharge and reassess our mindset.

And so we went to Bali for a rest.

We pre-organised our accommodation and arrived into Seminyak where we ate great food and had a wonderful days catching up with old friends.

But then we made a life changing decision… we decided to leave our belongings in our booked accommodation and we hopped on a boat to an island that we knew nothing about, where we had no accommodation and only a small bag of necessities between us!

We arrived on Lembongan after a 40 minute boat ride from Seminyak in the afternoon and it was picture card perfect although somewhat built up and certainly very touristy.

We stayed the night in a gorgeous hotel but the spirit of adventure was sparked within us and we had an urgency to explore.

I suggested to Mr Uber that we hire push bikes and after managing to fit the entire contents of our shared bag inside the baskets on our bikes, we grabbed a map and just began to ride…

The freedom, the excitement and the not knowing what would be around the next corner took me back to my backpacking days.

I never expected to have that feeling… the feeling of being so alive and full of promise like a new born foal.

We kept chatting along the way about following our gut instinct to find exactly where is was we wanted to be… where we needed to be.

As we rode down a hill the most amazing water came into view.

We stopped and ate fresh prawns at a little Warung looking out over the seaweed farms.

As the sign says – at this particular Warung, you get served what you deserve… now there is a life lesson in itself.

Whilst we were at Mumma Mia ” we were told all about the seaweed farms and a bridge that one could ride across to reach another island parallel to Lembongon. With only one look exchanged between us, enough was said and we were back on our bikes and headed for the bridge!

It took some serious guts to get on this bridge, let alone across it. It is single file and you need to make sure you ride really fast because every now and then there is a massive gap between the boards and if you were going to slow, your wheel would get stuck and it would be all over red rover!!

When we reached the other side of the bridge we literally squealed like teenagers.

It was so incredibly liberating.

Back on our bikes we rode through gorgeous villages with children chasing us and we followed a crazy bumpy road to a cliff top Warung and the most incredible surf spot we had ever seen.

We rested our weary selves and decided this particular place was where we needed to be and so that was where we decided to stay for the next few days.

Ceningan Island… we are besotted by you…

To be continued…