Celebration Stacker Ring - Large Tri-Cut - Red Corundum

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Gemstone | Red Corundum

Size- click + to see more sizes | K - Aus/UK size (US/Canada 5 1/8)

  • Black Agate Black Agate
  • White Sapphire White Sapphire
  • Smoky Quartz Smoky Quartz
  • Red Corundum Red Corundum
  • Lemon Quartz Lemon Quartz
  • Green Amethyst Green Amethyst
  • Blush Quartz Blush Quartz
  • Blue Zircon Blue Zircon

Celebration Stacker Ring- Sterling Silver / Large Tri-Cut / Various Gemstones

Celebrate U and your moments with our Celebration Stackers.

6 Designs

7 Gemstones in each design

Over 5000 Combinations

CIRCA 2021

  • Green Amethyst, Lemon Quartz, Blush Quartz and Smoky Quartz, Ruby Corundum, Blue Zircon and White Sapphire (lab-grown), Purple Amethyst 5.0-6.0 carats
  • Gemstones are hand-cut and faceted and weight varies slightly due to hand cutting.
  • Our signature Tri-Cut gemstone measures 15mm x 15mm
  • The height of basket off band is 6mm 
  • Band Width 2mm square wire- full circle 
  • Innovative basket concept to allow for stacking of ALL designs both large and small gems
  • Some of our gems have been heat-treated, a process used to increase the clarity and depth of colour of natural gemstone and to remove small inclusions.
  • White Sapphire in this collection is lab-grown. Lab-grown refers to a gemstone that is created in a lab and is chemically, physically and visually almost identical to those mined. Lab-Grown gems have fewer flaws and are more affordable. 
  • Tips on sizing. The Celebration Stackers can be worn on their own or play nicely with up to 4 or 5 friends (for those with long fingers) The fine band allows everyone to wear at least two or three. We suggest ordering your normal ring size to allow for #stackability


The most Innovative Collection since the launch of the Everyday Gemstone rings in 2012.

This collection combines large gemstones (our DNA) petite gemstones (for the subtle wearers) with a unique band and basket design concept that allows all rings to comfortably stack sideways across the finger allowing for over 5000 combinations.

These rings feature a fully enclosed bezel setting to protect the gemstones. Choose your shape, choose by colour or choose by gemstone. this design is all about celebrating you, your moments and your choices.

Over 5000 stackable reasons to celebrate U with this brand new collection.

The ultimate in #stackability

We are happy to exchange for you within 7 days (please see our full terms and conditions here).


Lemon Quartz & Blush Quartz - The universal gemstone, quartz is a powerful healing stone and brings mental clarity and purpose to the wearer and environment. We keep our quartz on our bedsides to work its magic whilst we are sleeping!

Smoky Quartz - A calming and grounding gemstone, it removes negativity and brings the wearer new ways of thinking - great to wear for those in the business world. We wear it to keep ourselves calm and grounded.

Ruby Corundum - The gemstone of nobility. Wearing it connects you to love, passion, prosperity, and protection. Ruby provides fresh energy and a positive adventurous attitude to life. We wear it to add a little spark to our day/night.

Blue Zircon - Zircon evokes calm for the wearer and boosts creativity & self-confidence. A great stone to be worn by those in creative professions. We love to wear it to kick our creativity into overdrive.

White Sapphire (lab-grown) - The gemstone of honesty and a symbol of power and strength in the most altruistic way. It protects against negativity and deception. We wear it to protect ourselves from ourselves when negativity comes to town.

Peridot - Wearing Peridot clears the mind and helps get your head back on track and ready to tackle anything. We wear it as a “circuit breaker” to rebalance our minds and move forward.​​​​​​

Purple Amethyst - This gemstone is known for its ability to absorb and transform negative energy and promote serenity and calm and reduce anxiety. We wear it because it’s the colour of royalty and makes us feel fabulous.


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A Note From Kate

Twenty-one years ago I was encouraged to follow my passion and create the jewellery range of my dreams.

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I have loved every minute of creating beautiful jewellery for U. Pouring my passion into each piece and watching it come to life is deeply satisfying, with each piece always inspiring me with ideas for the next new creation.