Who Are We?

September 08 2016 – Team Uberkate

Who Are We?
Who Are We?

It’s an incredible thing to celebrate 14 years in business.

Fourteen amazing, inspiring, creative years making family heirlooms for you all.

As we head for our 14 year anniversary in business on Sept 20 it makes me reflect on how far we have come as a brand, as a company, and how much my hubby Mr Uber and I have grown as humans who share a business and a growing family.

I created the first set of original Ubercircles over 15 years ago.

There was no such thing as “personalised jewellery” and there was no such thing as hand stamped jewellery.

Today if you google either word you will be flooded with thousands of businesses all selling, making, creating versions of “personalised Jewellery”.

I have no issue with this... in fact, I am proud as punch that I started something that has become a global category in the Jewellery world.

A piece of personalised jewellery is a right of passage when you get engaged, married, have a baby, a sweet 16, fathers day etc...

Most significant moments are covered by the designs we have created over the last 15 years.

I want people to remember where the idea started, it fermented in my little creative mind and it became a part of soul. I carry the designs and authenticity around with me like a little part of my DNA.

I don’t expect accolades for this... I just ask for respect and for people inspired by my designs to create their own designs and try not to “copy” mine.

Being a designer and creator is amazing work... it makes your soul sing and can bring you to tears when you hand over a piece that you made for someone that has a little piece of you left in it.

So here’s to us if I may say so myself. Here's to 14 years of authentically designing, creating and making Ubercircles.