Introducing FLY By Uberkate

September 16 2016 – Team Uberkate

Introducing FLY By Uberkate
Introducing FLY By Uberkate

For the past 12 months I have had a little idea bubbling away in my creative brain.

I always meditate on jewellery designs and often while I’m out running or SUPPing my best ideas come to me.

I am a dreamer and I am constantly thinking of ways to innovate jewellery clips, ear wires, and how to create the perfect tension set hoops like our Smashed Earrings and Hoop Earrings.

When I recently realised what was missing in my jewellery box, I got to creating.

I wanted to design a fine chain that wasn’t soldered shut, that could be opened and used for a myriad of wants. It had to be handmade and a true innovation in fine jewellery and it took 12 months and many prototypes, but here it is - Our innovative 'Thread Chain™!

From this simple yet truly innovative chain a new idea was born...

While discussing jewellery with my 14 year old daughter we decided to create a series of three dimensional symbols that could be taken on and off the 'Thread chain™'.

That way we could both design symbols that each of us wanted to wear, and still have the opportunity to remove any symbols or add many more!

And so Fly was born...

Fly by Uberkate from uberkate on Vimeo.

So from babe in arms at the beginning of the Uberkate journey 14 years ago, I now have a co-creator a co-designer and I couldn’t be more inspired or excited by the collaboration between my daughter Lulu and I.

I want her to Fly.

I want women of all ages to fly and that’s why we chose the three dimensional bird as the logo for this new global brand.

You will notice the first range of symbols is both cute, quirky and has a nod to all things Uberkate (a few of the symbols can be engraved - Uberkate Style)

The quality Uberkate is known for is there and the designs are authentic and fun.

The chains are handcrafted and can "thread" many symbols to create an unending series of looks.

Every detail of this super precious new range has been considered, discussed and analysed with my partner, my daughter, my inspiration, my reason, one of the greatest loves of my life - my Lulu.

To say I am proud to share this range with you is an understatement. I hope you love it as much as we do.


Shop the full range of Fly by Uberkate symbols and co-ordinating bangles and necklaces here, and start your collection today.

All images and film shot on location in Avalon. Models Lulu and her bestie from birth Heidi - two young girls who will fly. Thank you to Sonia Stackhouse for amazing photography and Babi Bertoldi for the incredible film that melts my heart.