Wedded Bliss – A Surprise UberWedding

September 20 2014 – Team Uberkate

Wedded Bliss – A Surprise UberWedding
Wedded Bliss – A Surprise UberWedding

September 20, 2014

There is no denying I am a lover of weddings.

I have custom made the jewellery for most of closest friend’s special days and whilst I prefer to let other specialist jewellers make the big bling ring (although I have designed and made a few of those too), I am a sucker for creating an amazing wedding accessory.

When it came to my own wedding I went into internal wedding hyperdrive. I was on maternity leave from channel 9 for 12 months, I had a new baby and I was at my creative best. My hubby to be told me to go for it and when I mean go for it, everything had to be handmade.

I made I made my invitations with the help of closest friends and wired them shut with a real chilli. That being said, these invitations were not for a wedding, but an ‘engagement party’…

Adam and I had always planned on eloping, so we told everyone we would have an engagement party so that they could help us celebrate.

When the day of the party came, I arrived late and a celebrant stepped out from the crowd and asked over 100 guests to please separate and form an isle for the bride to walk down.

As I took those steps toward Adam and through all of the people we love most in the world, the tears were streaming down all of our faces. We had only told 6 people in total of what we had planned and some of my closest and dearest friends thought they would never get to be part of our wedding.

My mother-in-law and bridesmaids had gone to the flower markets the morning of the wedding and we created our own floral displays and bouquets.

I had Adam’s groomsmen’s silk shirts custom made with wide lapels and french cuffs so that they could wear the cuff links I had made for them as thank you gift.

The bridesmaids wore silk beaded halterneck tops that were made by my mum, along with silk wide-legged black plants we had designed ourselves and had made.

I hand beaded their necklaces and matching cuffs and made my own pearl choker and wrist cuff from pearls that were given to me by my grandmother.

Some of the photos I cherish the most from this special day of ours are those that were taken with my darling baby girl. She wore a slip of silk left over from my wedding dress and the most precious hand-painted fairy wings.

Marrying the love of my life was both an incredible blessing and a dream come true.