Nikki’s Bespoke Engagement & Wedding Ring Remodel

October 24 2014 – Team Uberkate

Nikki’s Bespoke Engagement & Wedding Ring Remodel
Nikki’s Bespoke Engagement & Wedding Ring Remodel

October 24, 2014

Creating jewellery is such a personal experience and one I am blessed to have as my calling.

Throughout my life I have created many pieces that I never share on our social media as the recipients are often very protective about sharing their designs and their originality. Not everyone likes to share their ‘one off designs’ that have been created in a bespoke manner with stones and metal from their family jewellery boxes.

Recently my gorgeous friend Nikki Styling You asked me to redesign her engagement and wedding rings for her 10 year wedding anniversary and I was excited, fearful, honoured, ecstatic, euphoric and nervous all at once!

You see Nikki is one of the most stylish women I know and while she knew she wanted me to base the new design on our #livingrings, how I incorporated her many stunning diamonds into the design, was completely up to me!

I have the privilege of knowing Nikki’s three gorgeous children and hot husband Kester, and I know just how sentimental Nikki, and I wanted to be sure to represent everyone she loves in her new design.

A few discussions with Nikki and the design solidified in both our minds;

  • A Rose gold ring to represent love and to include the original large square diamond.
  • A Yellow gold ring to include three diamonds to represent each of Nikki’s children
  • A White gold ring to hold 10 hammer set diamonds – one for each year of Nikki’s 10 year marriage.

It was both an honour and a privilege to create this with Nikki, and it’s something I would like to offer to many more of you special people in the future. And so with that in mind I am planning on making this available next year as part of our growing offering of services to our Uber Community.