Mr Uber Explains The ‘Hubby Hint’

November 23 2015 – Team Uberkate

Mr Uber Explains The ‘Hubby Hint’
Mr Uber Explains The ‘Hubby Hint’

November 23, 2015

Over the years I’ve taken many a phone call from people looking for a last minute gift.

I’ve gotta say, 95 per cent of them are calls from men. Many of us mere males can’t get our act together when that special occasion is looming.

So to help the ladies, to help the men, to help themselves… I invented a way of giving the would-be purchaser a poke in advance.

I considered a “Poke” button… alas Facebook had already locked that in. Then the word “Hubby” popped into the brain and Hubby Hint” was born.

Now I realised this name would be used at the risk of alienating our gay friends and believe me – that is the last thing I wanted to do but what else was I supposed to call it? “Significant Other Hint,” “Husband or wife hint,” “De-facto hint,” “Long Term Partner Hint,” “Prod your Partner because they don’t have the up n at ‘em to think of a pressie for themselves hint.”

So I stuck with Hubby Hint, and really the name itself is meant to be fun and cheeky anyway.

I wanted early logos to be a nod to the not-so-good old days where the wife was a good home-maker. Ewww

We settled on this one and more than 2000 Uberkate fans sent their significant other an email saying “this is what I want.”

Nowadays not only do I get the chance to fulfill someone’s dream but I also get a chuckle out of some of the messages sent.

Here’s a sample of my favs.

“A not so subtle hint for you!”

“Juuuust a suggestion ;)”

“Hint hint bday!!”

“Please? Maybe for Xmas?”

“I would looooove this for my birthday! Please.”

“Just because you love me.”

“Silver is acceptable as Gold is ASTRONOMICAL ”

“Who is turning 40?”

“Just a hint…seeing as the bangle you bought me for xmas is WAY too big xx”

“Buy this you cheap bastard!”

Adam – aka Mr Uberkate

The Hubby Hint is simple to use – you will find the hubby hint button on every product on our Uberkate website. Simply find the products you love, click on the hubby hint and send a message (cheeky hint) to your significant other.