Behind The Scenes Of An Uberkate Shoot

October 30 2015 – Team Uberkate

Behind The Scenes Of An Uberkate Shoot
Behind The Scenes Of An Uberkate Shoot

October 30, 2015

Photoshoots fill me with a mix of creative energy and worry…

Will the styling work?

Will our model fit with our personalised brand?

Will the weather hold and the location be right?

Will we get enough images and will my new designs photograph well?

(Can you hear my inner worry wart speaking here?!)

But then sometimes is just all comes together.

Sometimes magic happens…

Our photographer Sonia from @lifelovehiccups shared her fav place in the world with us. We had to hike through some incredibly gorgeous bushland to get there where the sunlight was dappled and we could all feel the magic from the minute we arrived.

Some places on earth just have that ethereal feel… and some even have a natural clothes rack!)

The styling of white lace, feathers wings and silk worked perfectly in the environment and our model was so at home in our waterfall location.

The day left me feeling grateful, happy, energised, aligned and the images capture all of these emotions..

We will be sharing more with you soon, but here is a little look at behind the scenes of our latest Uberkate photoshoot.



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