Change is a positive thing...

8 years ago we launched our iconic Everyday Gemstone Ring and this year we have decided to change its name to honour the unique Signature Cut of Stone we created.

The Everyday Gemstone Ring is now the Original Tri-Cut Gemstone Ring.


Welcome to UbyKate. We’ve got a feeling we'll be with you for a while.

A timeless design

This is our original gemstone cut, named the double tri-cut. The gemstone cut was created by us in 2012 and is exclusive to UbyKate.

You will find our double tri-cut gemstones in many of our original designs.

Our gemstones are cut for us, by our team of master craftspeople to our unique designs. No two will ever be the same, they are as unique as U are.


Mindfully Made

Every piece is made with love, care and thoughtful intention.

20 Years in the Making

An Australian Family Business.

Timeless Heirlooms

For your daughters and your daughters' daughters.