Gifts for Him

Gifts for Him

Personalised Gifts for Dad

Spoil him with a sentimental gift from you that he will cherish every day.

The Gen U Gratitude Bar - Sterling Silver
Uberoval Cufflinks
Men's Love Lines Large
Sensitive Manly Chain
Manly Chain
Uber Arc Sterling Silver Ring - For Him

Crafted Just for Him: Give A Unique Personalised Silver Gift for Valentine's Day!

Men's Living Pendant
Expression Cuff For Men
Men's Love Lines Small
The Family Links Cufflinks
Infinity Cufflinks
Expression Keyring
The U Bar

The U Bar

Ubercircle Keyring
Oval Keyring
Your family crest !
Double Sided Signet Ring Circle/Oval
Ubercircle Cufflinks
Wrist Bones
Men's Love Lines Medium
Men's Love Lines Medium X 2
Men's Love Lines Small & Medium
Living Keyring
Men's Ubercircles Small X 1 Ring
Fingerprint Double Sided Signet Ring
Lava Ring - Sterling Silver | UbyKate
The Together Ring
Together Ring - Sterling Silver
Lava Cuff Sterling Silver | UbyKate
Lava Stud Earrings with extra wide butterfly clasp - Sterling Silver | UbyKate