The Bikini Theory

February 01 2016 – Team Uberkate

The Bikini Theory
The Bikini Theory

February 1, 2016

Once upon a time a pair of sisters in their late 20’s went on a beach side holiday together.

The older sister asked the younger sister to help her choose a new swimming costume and alas she thought at the ripe old age of 28 that she should be looking at a one piece.

Now these sisters were roughly the same size, but the younger sister was horrified that her older sister felt she ‘HAD TO’ buy a one piece and explained that she should be buying a bikini if that is what she preferred and she should be wearing that bikini with pride because in one years time, or maybe two, five or even ten years time, she would look back and wish that she had worn that bikini and would forever more lament the fact that she thought she shouldn’t.

So off the sisters trotted to bikini shop and the younger sister cajoled the older sister into a red bikini that the older sister for the record totally ROCKED on the beach all summer long. (and I still have the photos to prove that you looked insanely good in that Bikini E)

And so the “Bikini Theory” was born.

This is a true story and 14 years later and I still live by this theory.

Have you noticed that sometimes when you shop for swimming costumes that less fabric is more?

For example if you try on a whopping one piece it can often make you look bigger than a well cut Bikini? (I’m not joking, try it next time you are swimmer shopping)

So as summer rocked around this year and the promise of beach days and poolside frolicking looming, I once again thought hard about my theory.

Was it time for me to hang up the Bikini?

Why should I put it away when I have loved wearing them all my life?

Is my body that offensive that I shouldn’t be wearing a bikini?

Is there really a time you need to put the bikini away?

I recently took my 13 year old daughter cozzie shopping with me.

Now I didn’t want to embarrass her when we were together, because let’s face it – there is nothing more embarrassing than an embarrassing parent, but that said, I insisted on teaching her my ‘Bikini Theory’.

I tried on one piece cozzies that shaped and pushed and pulled all my bits, and then I tried on bikinis that were more subtle and comfortable (I even gave a Tiger Lily Bikini a crack although they were not quite for me)

And when I stumbled upon a black bikini with good coverage but a bit of a cheeky cutout under the arm and waist my daughter actually GASPED when I showed her and in that moment she understood the ‘Bikini Theory’.

Now in my opinion, I will never be swimsuit material… I mean hey – I am in my 40’s.

I respect my body for what it has done and what it continues to give me – my health and my children, but in that very moment as I stood in front of my daughter, I saw myself and my sister all those years ago.

It was the red bikini all over again.

So as a 40 something year old woman I ENCOURAGE you to rock what you have.

I for one am going to keep wearing my Black Bikini for now… heck I’m even going to share a pic with you…

I have flaws, but I am learning to love them, and so the Bikini Theory lives….

xx Kate