Make Memories This Mother’s Day

April 17 2015 – Team Uberkate

Make Memories This Mother’s Day
Make Memories This Mother’s Day

April 17, 2015

Our wonderful friend Kelly, the talented blogger behind Be A Fun Mum has shared with us her very own experience with Uberkate jewellery, and the joy our award winning Your Script personalisation has brought her family.

Kelly is a wonderfully open and fun-loving mother – something that really shines through her writing on her honest and insightful blog. She was kind enough to let us into her world, to see how beautifully her children responded to Uberkate, Your Script and the personalisation process.

Kelly says, “I’ve been a fan of Uberkate since 2010 when I first discovered Kate Sutton’s work. Kate’s designs foster a deep sense of emotion because it’s all about carrying the ones you love close to you.”

Kelly has four beautiful children who wrote their names down for her to scan and send us. The end product was a stunning Expression Pendant in organic, solid sterling silver. The pendant was engraved with Adelaide, Mackenzie, Jamie and Harrison, their names in their own handwriting!

“We opened the box, and my children’s names were written on a silver disc, exactly as they wrote them. It’s amazing. My son said, “Is that my name!? That I wrote? How did they do that?” They all loved it. But I’m the one that gets to wear it.”

We were so touched by this story and so delighted that we were able to create something so special for this beautiful family. It always fills us with pride when we see our designs cherished so much. The personalisation and Yourscript process involves the whole family, so everyone has a personal attachment to the piece. The children’s responses were simply gorgeous!

For a Mother’s Day gift that the whole family can contribute to, Uberkate and our award winning Your Script technology is hard to beat!

This Mother’s Day, we’re going above and beyond to make 2015 uber special. With any purchase over $300 you’ll receive a limited edition Sterling Silver Bracelet with personalised pendant. This design is a Mother’s Day EXCLUSIVE and only available until Monday, May 4th 2015.

Give mum a gift that she’ll treasure this Mother’s Day, 10th May 2015.

For more about Kelly, check out Be A Fun Mum.

Click here for more information on Your Script and our Solid Sterling Silver Bracelet offer for Mother’s Day.