June 07 2017 – Kate Sutton


I've always been partial to a little bit of creative craft.

When the kids were little we spent hours filling our "busy box" with all manner of craft items for those rare moments we had the time to just sit down and cover a table with paper and glitter and all things crafty.

My daughter had a thing for Peg People so we made hundreds and often created peg families and gifted them to friends.

I recalled our creation of Peg people when I was recently invited to the birthday party of a very special 5 year old friend, an invitation to a Snuggle Pot and Cuddle pie party at May Gibbs old home in Neutral Bay.

Well of course my mind went into overdrive and I started dreaming up the idea of creating some gum nut babies as her special gift from me.

I started by posting on our local community FB page to ask locals if anyone had a gum nut tree or if anyone knew where there were any (we live near the bush), and the response was overwhelming!

I suddenly had BAGS of nuts hanging on my front door when I woke up in the morning and there was an embarrassment of riches in the gum nut varieties when it was time to create the gum nut babies.

A quick trip to two crafting stores, and I brought home the following bits and bobs to bring all the gum-nut babies to life;

1. wooden beads for heads

2. trims, sequins

3. fake hair

4. googly eyes

5. strong craft glue

Get creating!