Free lifetime engraving for those golden moments…

April 24 2016 – Team Uberkate

Free lifetime engraving for those golden moments…
Free lifetime engraving for those golden moments…

April 24, 2015

At Uberkate, we’re all about the spirit of relationships, connecting families, friends and loved ones through personalised handmade jewellery.

Some moments in life are worth their weight in gold (or sterling silver!), they deserve to be immortalised. Your Uberkate piece can act as a hallmark for all those milestones to be handed down for future generations to remember and cherish.

As your family grows and you make new memories, your Uberkate piece should grow and change with you. We’ll add free engravings to your Uberkate jewellery to ensure this heirloom will span generations. Simply return your piece to Uberkate, we’ll add your additional engravings free of charge and send it back

We offer free lifetime engraving with every product. That’s our promise to you. Whether there’s a new addition to the family, you’ve achieved an incredible goal or a really poignant moment has happened, make sure you keep these close to your heart by adding them to your Uberkate design as they happen.

Whether your look is delicate and refined or you prefer to make a statement, Uberkate has designs to suit any style. Express yourself, your moments, your life in a way that represents you best.

Keep adding as your story unfolds. Take advantage of our FREE lifetime engraving! Like this Ubercircle Original – in Sterling Silver