Vintage Uberkate

July 27 2017 – Kate Sutton

Vintage Uberkate
Vintage Uberkate

Vintage by dictionary definition is;

1. The time that something of quality was produced. "rifles of various sizes and vintages" synonyms: period, era, epoch, time, origin.
2. Denoting something from the past of high quality, especially something representing the best of its kind. "a vintage Sherlock Holmes adventure" synonyms: high-quality, quality, prime, choice, select, superior, best.

Back in the year 2000 a TV producer working at Channel 9 did her first silversmithing course... that girl was me.

I was determined to learn how to use a jeweller's torch and make sterling silver ear hooks because I couldn't buy any that I loved and that were of a high quality.

From vintage 2000 and earring hooks I started hammering silver and gold Ubercircles and in 2003 Uberkate was born.

Sometime during 2004 I made my first Tags and I would love to hear from any of you reading this if you have any! (Please send me a photo!)

I hand stamped each Tag to order and I remember making hundreds of them throughout 2004 and 2005.

While tidying my studio draws last week I chanced upon a little bag of Tags, all finished and ready for hand stamping and so this week we are Bringing back the Tags!

I hope I get to hand stamp one for you...

Kate xxx

The great unisex design of our VINTAGE TAGS features solid sterling silver tags with a jump ring at the top as one solid piece. Hand stamped with up to 4 letters in large font (on one side only). Comes on a long length of tan leather or you can upgrade to a chain of your choice. Order your Vintage Tags here