Ubykate's top 10 engraving symbols

March 10 2023 – Adam Simpson

Ubykate's top 10 engraving symbols
Ubykate's top 10 engraving symbols

Ubykate has always been about personalising jewellery with names and dates but for years we have been engraving symbols. Symbols are powerful because they connect us to a place, person, animal, event, time or feeling that resonates.

Symbols can also hold significant cultural or personal meaning, evoking emotions and memories that may be difficult to express in words, for example, the passing of a loved one. That brings us to our first symbol:

1) Angel wings

We are honoured to engrave these special wings on our gold and silver pieces. Often a left and right wing will sit on the outside of a name. 


ubercircle large necklace with angel wing engraving


2. Heart

Say I love you without spelling "I love you." We have our standard Ubykate heart or you can choose a variation (see below) from hand-drawn to multi-hearts.


ubercircle extra small necklace in silver with heart symbol engraving


3. Infinity

Originally invented by a mathematician in 1655, the meaning of infinity has broadened to include the infinite love we have for others. A Ubykate variation is our "Love you to infinity" which sits well in our secret tablets.

Secret tablet  with love you to infinity engraving

4) Cross

Symbols can influence our behaviour and beliefs. Religious symbols, such as the cross or the Star of David, can inspire devotion and shape the values and beliefs of entire communities.

5) Paw Print 

If you're a dog person or a cat person or both, you know how special these creatures are to you. It's a wonderful reminder of a family member and their unconditional love. 


6) Star

A symbol of guidance and protection. We've engraved stars to mark births, anniversaries and even graduations where parents just want to say - "you did it you're a star!"

7) Tree of life

A diverse symbol with many meanings -  stability, fertility, the connection between this life and the next. It can mean growth, personal development and beauty.

8) Flower

Flowers can represent meanings of longing, affection, love, remembrance, grief or devotion. In particular, the Lotus has been associated with purity, spiritual enlightenment or rebirth.


Flower symbol engraved on medium infinity necklace

9) xox - Hugs and kisses

Need we say more?


Xox hugs and kisses engraved on Ubykate silver signet ring


10) Peace

Symbols can be a powerful tool for activism and social change. Our hand-drawn peace sign can bring meaning at a personal level, community level, national or global level.





Heartbeat symbol engraved on Ubykate sterling silver large love line necklace


Don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions regarding symbols...  Call us on (02) 9958 5100 or send and email to admin@ubykate.com