The Faces Of our 2018 Christmas Campaign

December 04 2018 – Kate Sutton

The Faces Of our 2018 Christmas Campaign
The Faces Of our 2018 Christmas Campaign

It was around this time last year that I found myself in a little village in Morocco, drinking tea with 4 beautiful generations of Berber women.

Despite the language barriers between us (and with the help of a wonderful translator) we somehow managed to communicate with each other... and what a treat that was for me.

They were enthralled by my Ubercircles and loved hearing about how I designed them as a way of keeping one connected with loved ones every day,
and I... well I was completely enchanted by them, their traditions & culture and their obvious deep love for each other.

My time spent with that family is something I will cherish forever, and it was a reminder of the incredible honour each and every one of YOU all around the world bestow upon my own family when you entrust us with creating your own precious family heirlooms.

And so, this year, in honour of those very special Moroccan women and the value they hold in family and tradition, I have hand picked some very special pieces to be included in our annual Christmas Gift Guide, and with their permission and blessings, that beautiful family have become the faces of our 2018 Christmas Campaigns.

The Christmas collection includes some of our most popular designs AND limited edition sets that are designed to delight every member of the family.
After all... family is everything, especially at Christmas time.

xx Kate

The Christmas collection includes 20% off our some of our most popular pieces as well as some limited edition sets.
New pieces will be added regularly to the collection between now and Christmas, so you are sure to find that something special for every member of your family.